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Once we conference with you and your paralegal on your case, evidence is reviewed, budgets and time constraints are then developed and once a retainer is received, we go to work.


Pre-Production: We conference with your client and gather evidence such as still photographs, home movies and list of friends and family to be interviewed on camera. Activities of daily living are charted and liability storyboards are developed with attorney and paralegal.


Production: Lights! Camera! Action! Your client, family, and friends are interviewed; day in the life footage is shot. Both liability and damages expert witnesses are interviewed on camera.


Post-production: After all the raw footage is shot, the digital edit process begins. The raw footage is logged, captured and edited together from the storyboard outline into a comprehensive, powerful program. Computer graphics, titling, music and special effects are created then inserted into the master program. Still photographs and home movies are then incorporated and all come together to portray a powerful, compelling story of your client’s tragedy and the defendants’ negligence.


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